Mathare Slums Household Biogas Project

Mathare biogas construction project was implemented by Kenpro biogas team, constructing a 24 meter cubic fixed dome biogas plant in Mathare kenya.

An Overview of Biogas, its Benefits and Uses

Biogas is a gas that constitutes a combination of methane and carbon monoxide, among other gases. It is produced during anaerobic digestion of organic substrates, such as manure, sewage sludge, the organic fractions of household and industry waste, and energy crops. This article covers the benefits and the uses of biogas

Biogas Program in Kenya: History, Challenges and Milestones

Authors: Anthony M. Wanjohi1, Erastus K. Irungu2 and Hosea C. Gicheru3 1,2,3Kenya Projects Organization P.O. Box 15509-00503, Mbagathi, Nairobi-Kenya Corresponding Author Email: [email protected] Abstract According to FAO data from 2017, over 2.4 billion people rely on wood for cooking. The use of wood and charcoal contributes to greenhouse gas emissions while also contributing to deforestation […]

Factors Influencing the Selection of Biogas Plant Construction Site

When carrying out biogas construction and implementation, there are key areas that need to be considered before setting up the project. One of them is where the site will be set up for biogas plant construction. This article highlights the factors influencing the selection of the biogas plant site. The site selection for biogas production should be convenient for both biogas production and for consumers. 

An Overview of Biogas Plant Construction

Construction of any part or structure is the joining of many sub-parts into one main structure. In a biogas plant, construction is the most critical part of the making of a project because it entails the actualization of the idea to be a tangible project. Biogas plant construction is comprised of many activities, all interlinked into one major activity. This section covers the following areas: Biogas construction considerations, biogas plant construction materials, and biogas key construction parameters.

Construction of Fixed-Dome Digester, Mixing and Expansion Biogas Chambers

This article aims to take a look at the process of constructing a dome and expansion chamber. The step by step guideline has been instrumental in the construction of a reliable and production efficient plant. The guide takes the following approach, starting with dome construction which involves fixing of a gas pipe, building of the dome, closing of the dome and plastering the dome. Lastly, the article offers a guide on how to make a good and long lasting expansion chamber

Biogas Pipeline Installation, Precautions and Leak Checking

Piping of the biogas plant refers to the connections of pipes from the biogas digester to biogas consumption points. This article aims to inform on the factors to consider when installing biogas pipeline,  pre-cautions taken in constructing a biogas pipeline and how to check for leaks.