An Overview of Portable Domestic Household Biogas Plants Designs in Developing Economies

By Anthony M. Wanjohi: Anchored on Sustainable Development Goal 7, biogas as a source of clean and sustainable cooking energy is a perfect way to contribute to sustainable development goals. However, owing to various challenges facing the biogas especially in developing economies, including cost implications and policy gaps, there is a need to think of […]

Construction of Fixed-Dome Digester, Mixing and Expansion Biogas Chambers

This article aims to take a look at the process of constructing a dome and expansion chamber. The step by step guideline has been instrumental in the construction of a reliable and production efficient plant. The guide takes the following approach, starting with dome construction which involves fixing of a gas pipe, building of the dome, closing of the dome and plastering the dome. Lastly, the article offers a guide on how to make a good and long lasting expansion chamber

Biogas Pipeline Installation, Precautions and Leak Checking

Piping of the biogas plant refers to the connections of pipes from the biogas digester to biogas consumption points. This article aims to inform on the factors to consider when installing biogas pipeline,  pre-cautions taken in constructing a biogas pipeline and how to check for leaks.