Mathare Slums Household Biogas Project

Implementing Organization: Kenya Project Organization (KENPRO)
Date of Implementation: May-June, 2022
Donor: Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC)

Project Description

Slum areas face adverse challenges when it comes to access to social amenities including clean water and energy. Slums are also heavy ridden with other various forms of wastes including but not limited to human, kitchen and agricultural related wastes. Therefore, Mathare Slums Household Fixed Dome Biogas Project was intended to provide clean cooking solution to the families living in Mathare Slums in Nairobi and also to provide an opportunity for turning waste to energy. The project was a 24 meter cubic fixed dome biogas plant. Since each cubic meter of biogas contains the equivalent of 6 kWh of heat energy (Energypedia), this plant is capable of yielding 144 kWh of heat energy, which is enough to serve a number of households

Biogas pit excavation Fixed dome biogas plant construction


For more inquiries about Household Biogas Construction and Installations in Kenya, kindly contact KENPRO Technical Team or call us via +254725788400.