Kenpro Financial Resource Mobilization Guiding Framework

Article 1: Purpose The purpose of this Financial Resource Mobilization (FRM) Framework is to provide guidelines for mutual cooperation and facilitation of collaboration between the Parties in the area of writing Funding Proposals. The specific objectives of this FRM Framework include the following: The Consultant to facilitate all tasks related to Financial Resource Mobilization and […]

Grant Proposal Writing Training for Not for Profit Organizations

We KENPRO offer Grant Proposal Writing Training for Not for Profit Organizations including Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Faith Based Organizations (FBOs), Self-help groups, youth groups, women groups among others. KENPRO applies the theory of change in proposal writing.

Application of Theory of Change in Development Projects

Theory of change  is a very useful concept in development projects. Its application have seen success in many of the implemented projects. its is for this reason that donors have incorporated as part of the requirements for funding. this article aims to inform on the application of theory of change in development projects.

A Grant Writer: The Concept, Role, Qualification and Experience

Authors: Anthony M. Wanjohi1 and Ian Kiprop Rotich2 1,2 Kenya Projects Organization P.O. Box 15509-00503, Mbagathi, Nairobi-Kenya Corresponding Author Email: [email protected] Abstract: Grant proposal writing entails writing an application for financial funds provided by a donor agency, which could be a government  department, corporation, foundation, or trust. The process of grant proposal writing is rigorous […]