Kenpro Biogas Program


Climate change entails a long-term variation in the average weather patterns. Today, more than ever before, the effects of climate change are evident from global warming and erratic whether patterns. Climate change and climate variability has continued to pose major threats not only to the environment, but also to economic growth and sustainable  development. Kenpo Biogas Program (KBP) has been developed with an aim of responding to the effects of climate change, primarily due to the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas. The program focuses on training and the installation of fixed-dome and portable biogas plants meant to provide clean cooking solutions and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The global demand for energy is expected to continue rising. As a result of emerging economies, total energy usage is expected to grow nearly 50% by 2050. The demand for renewable energy sources including wind, solar among other green energy sources is expected to rise as the world adapts to the changes in climate. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, by 2030 renewable energy will account for 65% of the $7.7 trillion in power investment.

About Kenpro Biogas Program

Anchored on Sustainable Development Goal 7, KENPRO runs Kenpro Biogas Program (KBP). The main objective of the Program in to provide clean cooking solutions to community members for better health and livelihood while protecting the forest cover. The program  is mainly concerned with household biogas plants although by extension, the program has a blend of commercial biogas plants.

The rationale behind this KBP is primarily driven by the following strengths:

  1. Eco-friendliness of Biogas, thus environmentally sustainable (contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, thus slowing down climate change),
  2. Biogas is most appropriate alternative source of energy for the rural households, especially women who save 3-4 hours per day when they use this technology,
  3. Biogas product produces a bi-product, namely organic fertilizer,
  4. Biogas production is a cost friendly technology,
  5. Biogas production raw materials are locally available and
  6. Biogas is an alternative source of energy for low income population.

Biogas Learning Resources

  1. An Overview of Biogas, its Benefits and Uses
  2. Biogas Program in Kenya: History, Challenges and Milestones
  3. Factors Influencing the Selection of Biogas Plant Size
  4. Factors Influencing the Selection of Biogas Plant Construction Site
  5. An Overview of Biogas Plant Construction
  6. Excavation and Layout of a Fixed-Dome Biogas System
  7. Construction of Fixed-Dome Digester, Mixing and Expansion Biogas Chambers
  8. Biogas Pipeline Installation, Precautions and Leak Checking
  9. Finishing Procedures in Fixed Dome Biogas System
  10. Biogas Plant Troubleshooting: Problems, Causes and Remedies

Biogas Lab and Information Best Practice Platform, KIRDI

KENPRO Director Anthony attended the launch of Biogas Lab and Information Best Practice Platform at KIRDI, Nairobi Kenya.

Our Key Partners in Biogas Technology






For inquiries about Biogas Installation for household and Commercial use, kindly contact KENPRO Technical Team or call us at +254725788400.

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