Towards Affordable and Sustainable Clean Energy in the 21st Century

This article provides an overview of SDG Goal 7 which delves into the concept of affordable and sustainable clean energy.

Biogas Program in Kenya: History, Challenges and Milestones

Authors: Anthony M. Wanjohi1, Erastus K. Irungu2 and Hosea C. Gicheru3 1,2,3Kenya Projects Organization P.O. Box 15509-00503, Mbagathi, Nairobi-Kenya Corresponding Author Email: [email protected] Abstract According to FAO data from 2017, over 2.4 billion people rely on wood for cooking. The use of wood and charcoal contributes to greenhouse gas emissions while also contributing to deforestation […]

Fixed Dome Biogas Digester Installation in Kenya

By Anthony M. Wanjohi1 and Alex Ngaruiya Mumbi2 1,2 Kenya Projects Organization P.0 Box 15509-00503, Mbagathi, Nairobi Corresponding Author Email: [email protected] The continued use of fossil fuels, as well as the environmental impact of greenhouse gases (GHGs), has prompted research into the production of alternative fuels from natural sources. (Achinas, Achinas, & Euverink, 2017).  Due […]

A Brief Review of Consumption of Biogas in the Context of Somalia

Authors: Anthony M. Wanjohi1 and Erastus K. Irungu2 1,2Kenya Projects Organization P.O. Box 15509-00503, Mbagathi, Nairobi-Kenya Corresponding Author Email: [email protected] Abstract Despite technological advances, many people, particularly in developing countries’ rural areas, continue to meet their cooking energy needs by burning biomass resources such as crop residues, firewood, and animal dung in crude stoves. Such […]

Installation of Portable Domestic Biogas System

When installing a Portable Domestic Biogas System for household use, there are three key considerations one needs to make including installation site selection, assembly and gas pipes and tubing considerations. System Installation Site Selection It is important to choose and prepare the right spot for biogas installation to ensure optimum performance. The following should be […]

One Planet Summit 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya

Introduction: The third edition of One Planet Summit (COP23) was held in Nairobi on March, 14 2019. The Summit brought together global leaders, entrepreneurs, international organizations, and civil society to help accelerate and focus attention on climate investments in line with the Paris Agreement. The main themes of the summit focused on the following: promoting […]

School Environmental Conservation Program, Kenya

Environmental conservation concerns the practice of humans to save the environment from collapsing, such as loss of species, ecosystems due to pollution and human activities. This program covers not only conservation of species but also the management of waste. The issue of poor waste management continues to threaten every positive gain made towards attaining sustainable […]