KENPRO’s  policies are based on the three segments of the organization which are
inter-dependent. These include Research, Project Management , IT and Publishing sections.

Research Projects Policy Provisions

Under Research Projects, KENPRO generally undertakes the following tasks: Problem Identification,     Proposal writing and refining, Data Collection, Data coding and analysis, Report Review, Editing and Formating. Our principal responsibility in data coding and analysis includes but is not limited to data entry using various applications such as MS Excel, Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), Nvivo, among others. Kenpro team is critically involved in coding both open and closed ended items in order to run simple descriptive or inferential analysis to get reports on data status. Data analysis, KENPRO makes use both descriptive and inferential statistics. KENPRO is also engaged in supporting students and practitioners in developing papers of high standards. These papers are written based on the instructions provided by the individual clients. KENPRO is not liable for wrong instructions.

Style of Writing

We at KENPRO follow the required style of writing (APA, MLA etc.). This requirement includes not only general task format but also Properly Referenced (in-text citations, footnotes,
works cited, bibliography, etc.). Other tasks in respective disciplines are done in accordance with their particular requirements as per provisions of various colleges and universities.


Plagiarism shall be understood as stealing other people’s ideas. The organization
endeavors to maintain originality of the work. Any borrowed information or
quote is properly referenced. If plagiarism is noted in a piece of work,
an associate shall be required to revise. An associate shall be called upon to
forfeit his/her membership if noted to have plagiarized more than three times

Amendments/ Revision
The completed work is approved if all requirements have been met and the Organization
receives no negative feedback. In case revision or amendments of the work is required,
the associate handling the work is assigned the duty of reviewing the work within the given
timeframe. The customer shall take full responsibility of his/her own errors
(incorrect instructions regarding an order etc).

Client’s Responsibility

Clients are expected to liaise with supervisors regarding the area of research (research title and objectives),  providing the guidelines of research projects (as provided for  by the college or University),  Providing the necessary resources as need arises – based on the recommendations, and keeping KENPRO updated in case of any changes in proposal or report development.

2. Project Planning and Management Policy Provisions
The organization is entitled to undertaking various activities involving development projects planning and management. Such activities may cover but not limited to the following: Training in Project planning and management, Training in data coding and analysis, Training in Web and Graphic design, Building organization’s financial management capacities, Developing strategic plans, Writing Business plans    Carrying out project evaluation.

3. Information Technology Policy Provisions
Under IT, the organization is involved in the following activities: Providing internet services (Literature Resource Retrieval, Designing websites for individuals and organizations, Designing systems based on the individual’s or organization’s unique needs, Designing graphics (logos, posters, banners etc),
Computer maintenance and troubleshooting, Networking and Typing, editing, compiling and Printing.

4. Publishing Policy Provisions

We at KENPRO are committed to sharing knowledge with every member of society through offering affordable publishing solutions. KENPRO is open to every person who has a product worthy of dissemination. We are highly convinced that the book’s intrinsic value to the community should be the main selection criterion. Scholars and writers should no longer depend on the whims of publishers, but can take a proactive role in the publication of their works through an interactive process with KENPRO. The organization has a place for authors and writers of all categories – from amateurs to seasoned scholars.

KENPRO is engaged in publishing undergraduate and postgraduate research projects, theses and dissertations), educational and religious materials. The manuscript which are considered for publishing are reviewed. An Editorial Board, consisting of distinguished practioners ensures that all publishing projects are released with impeccable credentials.


We are committed to delivering to our customers the best support services possible. We revise all the works of our customers FREE of CHARGE.

Note that ‘minor’ errors of commission or omission in any task may be taken up by individual customer without necessarily involving KENPRO. But major technical aspects of the handled task may be taken up by our Team as need arises.

We ensure that we accompany our customers till the end of the project, knowing that
they are our asset and that any project  is a process that requires patience, persistence and

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