Projects Planning and Management Training

KENPRO offers the following training in the area of Project Planning and Management:

Funding Proposal Writing Training

  1. Introduction
  2. Contact information details
  3. About implementing organization
  4. Project details
  5. Statement of need
  6. Objectives of the project
  7. Project outputs
  8. Project activities
  9. Target beneficiaries
  10. Project implementation plan
  11. Project monitoring and evaluation
  12. Gender equity
  13. Project risks
  14. Project sustainability
  15. Project communication
  16. Project budget

Monitoring and Evaluation Training:

  1. An Overview Monitoring
  2.  Project Evaluation Overview
  3. Monitoring Vs Evaluation
  4. Project Evaluation Approaches
  5. Project Evaluation Instruments
  6. Evaluation Report Outline

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For inquiries about the training, kindly contact the Lead Trainer via 0725 788 400 or Contact Us