Likert scale is a psychometric scale that is used to measure people’s opinions, attitudes and preferences. It is used in several fields of study such as social sciences. This article presents an introduction on the origin of likert scale and further examines how to conduct a likert scale analysis by using an example.


Funding is essential towards ensuring the growth of a sustainable agricultural sector. There are a number of top key organizations that are involved in funding agricultural related projects. The article presents an overview of these organizations.


Agriculture is one of the single most important economic activities among African countries. Thus, this article aims to discuss funding agriculture in Africa. This article provides a brief review of funding Agriculture in Africa. The article provides an overview of Agriculture in Africa while highlighting the government’s key contribution to agriculture through the input subsidy program. Further, the article examines funding Agriculture in Africa with focus on the key reasons for funding agriculture in the continent. The review unpacks the economic importance of agriculture, while stressing the need to focus on funding not only by development partners, but also governments!

Measures to Address Food Insecurity in Developing Countries

By Anthony M. Wanjohi: The right to adequate food, like any other human right, imposes some obligations on the State: The state has obligation to respect existing access to adequate food. This requires the state not to take any measures that result in preventing such access. It also requires the state to ensure that third […]

Milk Processing Plant Feasibility Study in West Pokot County, Kenya

West Pokot County is one of the 47 Counties in Kenya, which is said to produce high quality milk. However, various challenges have continued to face the county including but not limited to poor milk pricing due to monopoly and lack of processing facilities which could handle the high quality milk produced in the region. […]