Cost of Constructing Different Sizes of Biogas Plants in Kenya

The cost of constructing a fixed dome biogas plant can vary depending on several factors such as size, location, materials used, labor costs, and specific design requirements. However, the following comprises of a rough estimate based on typical costs for constructing biogas plants in similar contexts. 

Materials: The primary materials needed for constructing a fixed dome biogas plant include concrete or brick masonry for the digester tank, as well as piping, fittings, and seals. The cost of materials will depend on local prices and availability. 

Labor: Labor costs for construction will depend on local wages and the complexity of the project. The construction of a biogas plant typically requires skilled labor for masonry work, plumbing, and installation of gas collection systems. 

Equipment and Tools: Specialized equipment and tools may be required for excavation, concrete mixing, and construction. These costs can vary depending on whether equipment is rented or purchased. 

Transportation and Logistics: Transporting materials and equipment to the construction site may incur additional costs, including fuel and vehicle rental expenses. These costs will depend on the distance to the site and local transportation rates.

Contingency: It’s advisable to include a contingency fund of 10-20% of the total estimated cost to account for unforeseen expenses or changes in project scope. 

The table below shows a tabulation of fixed dome biogas plant sizes, gas produced, number of cooking hours and cost estimations.

Table 1: Fixed Dome Biogas Plant sizes, gas production, cooking hours and cost estimations 

Plant Size Digester Size Gas Production Per Day (in M3) No. of Cooking Hrs/day/1 burner Cost in KES
6 4.5 1.5 3.75 120,000
8 6 2 5 160,000
10 7.5 2.5 6.25 200,000
16 12 4 10 320,000
24 18 6 15 480,000

Source: KENPRO, 2024

The cost of installing a biogas plant despite the cost seeming to be high, the long term cost benefit cannot be ignored. The savings on the cost of gas, lighting, heating and fertilizer over the years is negligible to the cost incurred for the installation.


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