Major Donor Agencies Funding Biogas Projects in Africa

 By Anthony M. Wanjohi: As the effects of climate change continue to impact on humanity, the world is left with no choice other than to embrace sustainable energy solutions. Sustainable Development Goal 7 already sets the roadmap for the world! As such, the need to invest more in sustainable energy solutions such as biogas, solar […]

Factors Influencing the Selection of Biogas Plant Construction Site

When carrying out biogas construction and implementation, there are key areas that need to be considered before setting up the project. One of them is where the site will be set up for biogas plant construction. This article highlights the factors influencing the selection of the biogas plant site. The site selection for biogas production should be convenient for both biogas production and for consumers. 

Excavation and Layout of a Fixed-Dome Biogas System

This article aims at providing a clear and step-by-step guideline on the excavation process and foundation for a biogas plant. Pointing out the possible options that would be best in the construction. This article goes over the following steps: excavation and methods to be used in pit digging, identification of a central point, base construction, laying of the bricks, designing of hooks, inlet, and outlet piping as well as plastering, supporting, and curing the wall.