The Importance of Team Building in Project Management Success

If you want to improve the rhythm of your project management, we must first look at the beating heart that powers it – teamwork. However, one key factor elevates teamwork to a level where projects can flourish. You guessed it! It is team building. In this journey, we’ll look at why team building in project […]

The Top 10 Skills Every Project Manager Should Have

  Nowadays, project management demands a specific set of skills that can determine the success of any project. So, to excel in this ever-evolving field, mastering the top ten skills every project manager should have and are essential. These skills serve as the building blocks for success, enabling professionals to navigate the complexities of modern […]

Approach for Developing a Financial Resource Mobilization Strategy for an Organization

By Anthony M. Wanjohi Kenya Projects Organization P.O. Box 15509-00503, Mbagathi, Nairobi-Kenya Corresponding Author Email: [email protected] 1. Introduction Financial resource mobilization strategy should form a critical component for any progressive organization. Organization’s failure to strategically plan for resources, is an invitation for planning to fail! Despite the fact that Resource Mobilization Strategy occupies a central […]

Application of Theory of Change in Development Projects

Theory of change  is a very useful concept in development projects. Its application have seen success in many of the implemented projects. its is for this reason that donors have incorporated as part of the requirements for funding. this article aims to inform on the application of theory of change in development projects.

Logical Framework in the Context of a Reproductive Health Project

By Anthony M. Wanjohi: Logical Framework is a planning, monitoring and evaluation tool. It describes in a matrix form the most important aspects of a project. The framework seeks to provide a way of checking how project’s activities are implemented in order to realize the objectives and the ultimate goal. Drawing a logical framework is […]

Developing a Strategic Plan for an Organization

By Anthony M. Wanjohi: There are many approaches to developing strategic plans. This article provides an overview of how to develop a typical strategic plan for an organization. Such should include introductory section providing basis of the strategy, sector review, organization vision, mission and mandate; conducting situation analysis in terms of stakeholders analysis, SWOT analysis […]

Youth Entrepreneurship Program for Self-reliance

Executive Summary: The national youth policy, “visualizes a society where youth have an equal opportunity as other citizens to realize their fullest potential, productively participating in economic, social, political, cultural and religious life without fear or favour.” Despite this visualization, youth in Kenya continue to face myriad of challenges including but not limited to lack […]