Kenpro Biogas Installation Project

We at KENPRO support our clients in providing technical support in institutional and domestic level biogas installation. We install both fixed dome and portable biogas plants.

Fixed Dome Biogas Plant Installation

Fixed Dome Biogas Plant

Fixed Dome Bio-digester Illustration

Fixed Dome Bio-digester Illustration

A fixed-dome plant is made up of a digester and a fixed, non-movable gas holder that lies on top of it. The slurry is displaced into the compensation tank as gas processing begins. The amount of gas contained and the height difference between the slurry level in the digester and the slurry level in the compensation tank all impact gas pressure.

The operation cost for a fixed-dome biogas plant is relatively low. With no rotating parts and rusting free steel parts, the plant can last for a long time (over 20 years). The plant is built underground, which protects it from the physical damage and saves space.

improvised Kenpro Portable Biogas Plant (iKPBP)

improvised Kenpro Portable Biogas Plant (iKPBP) turns organic waste including food scraps and animal manure into biogas. The waste is treated hygienically using bio-methanisation technologies, resulting in biogas, an excellent cooking fuel. This decreases the risk of garbage being dumped on highways and in public areas, facilitate to save money on the massive ongoing costs of collecting and transporting household waste to a consolidated facility. Cooking gas production at the household level tends to mitigate the fuel shortage to a significant degree.


Improvised Kenpro Portable Biogas Plant (iKPBP)

Mechanism: The plant’s inlet chamber receives the readily degradable waste material combined with wastewater from the kitchen. A particular kind of anaerobic bacteria converts this waste into cooking gas. Methane, which is a renewable energy source, is the main component of the gas generated.

A single domestic plant requires one square meter of area. Installation takes between 1 to 4 hours, depending on the plant model. The waste generated by a family of three to five people is enough to run a single burner stove for more than two hours every day.

A single domestic plant saves 70% to 90% of the firewood or other cooking fuels used each day. Another benefit is the decrease in methane emissions.

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For inquiries about Biogas installation at institutional and household levels, kindly contact KENPRO Biogas Technical Team or call us +254725788400


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