A Brief Review of Consumption of Biogas in the Context of Somalia

Authors: Anthony M. Wanjohi1 and Erastus K. Irungu2

1,2Kenya Projects Organization
P.O. Box 15509-00503, Mbagathi, Nairobi-Kenya
Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]


Despite technological advances, many people, particularly in developing countries’ rural areas, continue to meet their cooking energy needs by burning biomass resources such as crop residues, firewood, and animal dung in crude stoves. Such practices are known to cause significant environmental, social, economic, and public health problems. Thus, converting existing biomass resources to cleaner and more efficient energy carriers such as biogas has the unique potential to provide clean and reliable energy while also protecting the environment. The purpose this paper is to provide a brief review of consumption of biogas in the context of Somalia. The paper briefly reviews the consumption of biogas in Somalia. The first part of the paper covers introduction, which seeks to unpack the concept of biogas, and provides an overview of biogas consumption from global perspective. The main body of the paper highlights the theme of biogas consumption in Somalia. Literature shows that only about 1% of Somali community consumes biogas. However, there are critical gaps in the available body of knowledge on biogas consumption in Somalia. Thus, this paper recommends empirical research to be conducted to examine the consumption of biogas in the context of Somalia. The findings of such research could be used to inform policy formulation in relation to biogas production in Somali

Keywords: Biogas consumption, renewable energy, Somalia biogas, biogas production, biogas installation, households biogas, portable biogas installation, fixed dome biogas installation

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Wanjohi A.M & Irungu E.K. (2021). An Overview of Consumption of Biogas in the Context of Somalia. International Journal of Environmental and Health Sciences. Available online at writersbureau.net/journals/ijehs/consumption-of-biogas-in-somalia.pdf

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