An Overview of Book Publishing Guidelines for Authors

This is the basic information for an author who is interested in publishing with with KENPRO. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions on publishing your book with KENPRO.


Do I have to pay to publish my manuscript?

Yes. You pay a certain amount of fee to cater for reviewing and publishing costs (design and formatting, book layout, typesetting, copy-editing and e-publishing in online book stores. The charges also take care of printing 1 copy for the publisher and author’s copy (1)). Charges may change according to the number of copies that the author may request.

What are the steps for the publication of a book/research project?

First, send us your work/manuscript in Word format for review. In about two weeks, you will receive feedback as to whether we are interested in publishing your work and any changes that we would suggest (if necessary) to make your work more marketable. If we are interested and you still want to publish your work with us, you must then accept our Terms & Conditions before you can upload all the necessary information at kenpropublications[at]

How much influence can I have on the design?

While most publishers do not allow authors to participate in designing, KENPRO leaves this very important step to you, allowing you to provide the taste of your cover including colour and design. You are required to provide blurb (book/project summary, bio data and passport size photo).

How long does the production of the book/ project take?

After all the steps are complete and cover is designed, you will receive your 1 copy within 30 working days. It will then take 7 days before your book / project appears in Google, Amazon among other online booksellers/ stores.

What rights do I give up to the publisher?

By publishing with KENPRO, you will thereby give up the rights of use for the duplication and/or re-publication of your work. However, as the author, you will retain ownership of the copyright to your work. You will also retain the right to have portions (excerpts) of your work published in other forms (e.g. journal article, a technical paper, etc.); also, you may disseminate the complete work through full text servers (e.g. of scientific libraries) at no cost.

Will I receive a printed copy of my work upon publishing?

Yes – You will receive 1 printed copy of your book. Extra copies will be provided at your cost to meet the printing expenses. Other copies are available in electronic format.

Am I allowed to mention my professor/advisor in my book / research project or have him/her as a co- author?

You need to ask for permission beforehand in order to have your advisor as a co- author or mention him in your book in acknowledgement. The same rule applies for naming your university/faculty.

What do I have to keep in mind when quoting from other works?

Plagiarism is a very serious issue in the literary community. As such, the use of any verbatim (as well as altered and/or paraphrased) passages from other works must be done very carefully. As a rule, short quotations from other works are permitted if necessary for the paper (e.g. in order to support a statement), but  only if the quote is cited fully and correctly. Adopting large portions of text such   as passages, figures, tables, etc. from other works is strictly prohibited for copyright reasons. This also applies to any text appendices. If there is any doubt, the parts of the manuscript in question must be removed. Finally, ‘US-fair use regulations’ (see: ‘fair use’ at must also be observed.

What will be the anticipated retail price of the book/ research project?

The binding selling price determined by the publisher depends on various factors, including the estimation of the marketable circulation, the specification and evaluation of the respective audiences, the variable production costs depending on the text volume, the project-related fixed costs, the anticipated marketing measures and the distribution channels and, more than anything, our experience and a pinch of ‘publishing feeling’. For these reasons, the price is only   determined at the end of the production phase. You will receive a notification regarding the final selling price together with your free copies.

Where will my book/ research project be available?

Every title published by KENPRO is assigned an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), by which it can be located anywhere in the world. After completion, the publisher will enter the title into a number of catalogues and offer it to the leading online bookseller. Such book sellers include Amazon. It takes about 24 hours for the book to appear online.

What is Print-On Demand (POD)? Why does KENPRO use this method?

POD allows a book to be produced according to demand, successively and high- grade, and then introduced into the market and supplied to the reader, e.g. via book wholesalers. It also becomes possible this way to publish niche topics targeted to a smaller audience. For KENPRO, POD technology and the underlying logistics system have become the impetus for tapping into new topics and authors. We at KENPRO print books / Projects based on the order placed. Otherwise, titles are mainly electronically available in online book stores such as Amazon.

What percentage do I receive as royalty fee?

Online booksellers like Amazon offer royalty fee. For Amazon, you can choose between two royalty options for each of your eBooks: the 35% royalty option and the 70% royalty option. Note that the 70% royalty option only applies to books sold to customers in certain countries. For more information, visit:

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