Installation of Portable Domestic Biogas System

When installing a Portable Domestic Biogas System for household use, there are three key considerations one needs to make including installation site selection, assembly and gas pipes and tubing considerations.

System Installation Site Selection

It is important to choose and prepare the right spot for biogas installation to ensure optimum performance. The following should be considered while installing domestic biogas system:

  1. The system should be installed close to the kitchen,
  2. The system should be installed in an outdoor, sunny area,
  3. The system should be installed away from window, doors or resting places since it may have mild organic scent,
  4. The surface where the system is placed should be level ground and
  5. The system should be placed within the reach of water supply.

System Assembling Considerations

Assembling a typical Portable Domestic Biogas System may require at least 3 hours. One to two technicians may be required to assemble the system. Basic system assembly training is given to the users. The figure below shows typical components of a portable biogas system.

Portable Biogas System as illustrated by Homebiogas

Some of the basic system assembly components include pipes from the system to kitchen stove, indoor gas tubes with connectors and gas filter valves, a gas filter to remove odor and organic fertilizer outlet.

Gas Pipes Installation Considerations

Portable domestic biogas system is connected to a stove which can be between 10 to 20 meters away. While installing the biogas system pipes, the following should be considered:

  1. Passing the tubing through a rigid pipe in order to avoid bends and
  2. Ensuring that there are no U-shaped bends in the gas tube to avoid water vapour accumulation.


This article has covered the key considerations to make while installing a portable biogas system for domestic use. Key to note is that these considerations may vary depending on the model of the system. However, these considerations are typical and as such, they may apply to most of the portable domestic biogas systems in available in the market place.

By Anthony M. Wanjohi

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