The Role of Graphic Design in Enhancing Effective Marketing

Authors: Tracy Bett and Anthony M. Wanjohi
Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing – Germany
Year: 2011
Graphic design is a creative process which can be instrumental in enhancing effective marketing of services. It is applied to products of company identity like logos, colors, packaging and text. This study examined the role of graphic design in enhancing effective marketing of services in a selected safari lodge in Rift Valley in Kenya. The study employed the case study design settling on Soi Safari Lodge situated at the shores of Lake Baringo in the Great Rift Valley. This design was found appropriate as it allows a thorough, meticulous and systematic data collection on the research problem. It also gives a deep understanding of the issues. (Yin, 1994). Data were collected with the help of interview and questionnaire methods and analysed using quantitative and qualitative approaches. The study revealed that graphic design application in corporate identity, packaging, advertising and photography had not been been adequately utilized in marketing of services. Key players in tourism industry, creative designers and students of sales and marketing are hoped to gain more insights


Citation (APA):

Bett, T.J. and Wanjohi, A. M. (2010). Graphic Design and Marketing: The Existing Link: The Role of Graphic Design in Enhancing Effective Marketing: A Case Study of One Safari Lodge in Rift Valley Part of Kenya.  Saarbrücken,Germany: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing.


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