Benefits and Risks of Outsourcing Security Services

Author: John Mucai
Course / Degree: B.A Commerce
Institution: The Catholic University of Eastern Africa
Portal: Journal of Education and Social Science Research Abstracts – JESSRA
Year: 2010


The main purpose of this study was to examine the benefits and risks associated with outsourcing of security services with reference to Kenya Tea Development Authority (KTDA). The study also sought to examine the strategies that can be adopted to solve the risks associated with outsourcing security services. The study employed the case study research design. Simple random sampling procedure was used to arrive at forty eight (n=48) members of staff working at KTDA main Branch at Nairobi. Questionnaire method was used to collect data from the respondents. This method was used since it is time saving and flexible enough as the respondents can fill in the items on their own time. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) aided data analysis process. Descriptive statistics such as frequencies and percentages were used to summarize the data. Based on the analysis, the study revealed that the main benefit of outsourcing security services at KTDA laid in getting good quality of the security services which in turn enhanced better performance in the firm. The study also found that there were various risks involved in outsourcing security services. These included underestimated hidden costs, lack of internal organizational privacy, loss of full control of internal security systems and lack of adequate information on the potentials of the outsourced security firm. The study suggested firms (and in particular KTDA) to be keen in putting in place a contract management strategy that should be measurable and have policies with penalties for non-compliance. Further, the management should carry outsourcing audit to examine whether outsourcing benefits outweigh the risks and put in place essential policies governing the whole outsourcing process.


Mucai, J. (2010).Benefits and Risks of Outsourcing Security Services: A Case Study of Kenya Tea Development Authority. Journal of Education and Social Sciences Research Abstracts – JESSRA, Issue 4, 2010.

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