Interlocking Blocks Housing Project in Kenya


Implementing organization  

Kenya Projects Organization

Status Community Based Organization
Physical Address Ongata Rongai
Contact person(s) Anthony M. Wanjohi
Position Director
Mobile 0725 788 400
Email [email protected]
Theme area Community Empowerment Project

[Building and construction]

Project Title Interlocking Earth Block Technology for Affordable Housing in Kenya
Site Ongata Rongai, Kajiado North Constituency
Requested Funding US$ 9,1462


Project Description:

The main rationale of the proposed project is informed not only by the housing gap in urban areas in Kenya but also by various parameters of using interlocking blocks for affordable housing. These include environmental and community friendliness, Cost and Energy Efficiency, Accessibility and Sustainability, Community Empowerment and Livelihoods, Durability, Fire and Pest Resistance and Aesthetic Value. The project is proposed with the following objectives in mind: a) To ease the burden place on conventional blocks, b) to empower the local communities to use new interlocking earth block technology for affordable housing, c) To create employment opportunities for youth in rural areas and d) To create alternative environmental friendly building technology for affordable housing. The proposed project is expected to use interlocking earth block making machine such as Hydraforms V4 Machines. The technology behind the machine involves production of earth and clay blocks, with addition of water and cement. Mathematically, this translates into the following simple equation: Earth + Water + Cement (optional) = Interlocking Earth Block. Effective implementation of this project is expected to provide an alternative option for affordable housing not only in urban but also rural areas in Kenya. The project requires initial funding to the tune of US$ 9,1462.