Investing in Kenya: Konza City Investment Documents Requirements

The following are the key documents that an investor should prepare for the successful completion of the Konza Technopolis Enterprise – Developer Proposal:

  1. Tenancy duration (short term lease <21 years,
  2. Site Development Schedule,
  3. Certificate of Incorporation/ other constitutive documents,
  4. Articles of association, bylaws or other regulations of the Organization,
  5. The Organisational chart for the Organization,
  6. Organization Profile,
  7. Register of shareholder’s and Certified Copy of the Directors of the Organization [certified by the Organization’s Company Secretary, Board Secretary, Corporate Secretary or other person being a Certified Public Secretary or holding a similar qualification],
  8. Company Search form CR12 from registrar,
  9. Letter from the Organization’s Secretary [ confirming directorship of the Organization ],
  10. Profiles of the directors,
  11. Three-year Annual Returns,
  12. Trade licenses and/or permits copies,
  13. Tax compliance Certificate,
  14. Previous related developments evidence,
  15. Certified copies of completion certificate of previous developed projects,
  16. Client references Details,
  17. Three-year audited financial statements and Auditors reports,
  18. If Business is a Joint Venture: Joint Venture Agreement, a power of attorney authorizing one to run the business and
  19. Any other certified document deemed essential.

For more information about Konza City Project, visit the official website at Konza City

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