Legal Requirements of Investing in Kenya as a Foreigner

      • Introduction
    • To register a business as a foreigner in Kenya within the required legal framework, there is a need to consider a number of requirements.Permit Class G is issued to a person who intends to engage, whether alone or in partnership, in a specific trade, business, consultancy or profession (other than a prescribed profession) in Kenya, and who:

              • Has obtained any licence, registration or other authority or permission that may be necessary for the purpose;
              • Has in his/her own right and at his/her full and free disposition sufficient capital and other resources for the purpose;
              • Whose engagement in trade, business, consultancy or profession will be of benefit to Kenya.
        • Specific requirements include the following:
              • Duly filled and signed Form 25
              • Two copies of detailed and signed cover letter from the Company/organization, addressed to the Director of Immigration Services
              • Copy of a valid national passport
              • Two(2) recent passport size colored photos (for both new and renewal)
              • Current Immigration status if in the country
              • Documents in foreign languages should be translated into English by either the Embassy, Public Notary, or authorized /recognized institution
              • Copy of any previous permit(s) and or pass (es) held
              • Documentary proof of capital to be invested at least USD 100,000
              • Certificate of incorporation of the company
              • Memorandum of understanding
              • Articles of association
              • Shareholding certificate (CR 12)
              • Copies of PIN certificate
              • Signed audited accounts for the last one year (for renewals)
              • Tax compliance certificate from KRA (for renewals)
              • List of Kenyans already employed (for renewals)
              • Clearance letter from relevant institutions.

NOTE: To apply for this permit as a foreigner, documentary proof of capital to be invested is at least USD 100,000.


For more inquiries about business registration and acquisition of work permit in Kenya as a foreigner, kindly call 0202319748 or send an email to [email protected]