Fundraising Strategy for Organizations.

KENPRO develops a fundraising strategy for organizations based on the following key strategic components:

  1. Donor mapping strategy
  2. Donor reach out strategy
  3. Donor Pledges Strategy
  4. Donor partnership strategy

Potential donor mapping strategy

KENPRO is engaged in donor mapping strategy. This involves mapping the past donors, existing donors and potential donors along with their areas of funding and the funding criteria and contact information.

Donor Reach out strategy

KENPRO helps organizations to make use of the following steps to form donor reach out strategy:

  1. Creating ways to interact with donors,
  2. Capturing a High-End Donor’s interest,
  3. Using Website to attract Donors,
  4. Getting active in the social network scene (Facebook and Twitter),
  5. Holding joint event with other partner organizations,
  6. Using various modes of communication including newsletters.

Donor Pledges Strategy

KENPRO Team makes use of the following steps of Donor Pledges Strategy

  1. Mapping the most recent donor pledges with their timelines
  2. Outlining the positive outcomes from the past donor pledges,
  3. Drawing a justification of the needed financial resources

Donor Partnership Framework

KENPRO supports organizations in drawing well structured donor partnership frameworks based on the past, existing and potential local and international donors.