Effects of Child Labour on the Enrolment in Pre-Schools


This study aimed at finding out the effects of child labour in the enrolment of eight years children in Mashuru zone of Kajiado District. The study sought to:  a) find out the effects of child labour on the enrolment of children in primary schools in Mashuru zone; b) establish the causes of child labour among the school going children of Mashuru area in Kajiado District; c). examine the challenges facing the eradication of child labour in Mashuru Zone. The study used both stratified and random sampling methods to select the sample. Stratified method was be used since the schools that the study sampled were classified into different categories. Random sampling procedure was used to sample the teachers. The data collection instruments used were questionnaires for teachers and interview guide for school administrators (School Heads). Data were presented in frequencies and percentages using tables, graphs and pie charts. The study found that the child labour has negative effects. These include poor or late enrolment, early marriage, increment in poverty, school dropout, poor performance, acquisition of anti social behavior and high-rise in discipline cases. The challenges of eradicating child labor include poor economic status, cultural background, parental illiteracy, nomadic lifestyle, poverty, high level of parents’ illetaracy and ignorance of the right of children, lack of enforcing legislation against child labor and ineffective use of mass media to curb child labour.


Abstract Info:

Author: Mary Koikai
Course / Degree: Diploma
Institution: Limuru E.C.D.E College
Journal: Journal of Research Abstracts – JRA
Year: 2007

Citation (APA)

Mary, K. (2007). Effects of Child Labour in the Enrolment in Pre-Schools in Mashuru Zone, Kajiado County. Journal of Research Abstracts – JRA, Volume 1, 2007.

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