Data Collection Methods: Questionnaire

3.5.1 Use of Questionnaire Method of Data Collection: Questionnaire method is one of the commonly used method of data collection especially in survey research design. A questionnaire constitutes a set of written questions on a sheet with spaces provided for respondents to reply to the items (questions). There are several reasons why a questionnaire is used in a […]

Interview Method of Data Collection

3.4.2 Interview Method Interviewing is one of the most common methods of collecting information from individuals. There are various types of interviews that are used to collect data. These include structured, semi-structured and unstructured interviews.   Structured interviews: These are more or less like questionnaires since they consist of closed ended items. In this kind […]

Focus Group Discussion Method of Data Collection

Focus Group Discussion (FGD) is a method of data collection which is frequently used to collect in-depth qualitative data in various descriptive studies such as case studies, phenomenological and naturalistic studies). The main goal of Focus Group Discussion is to provide an opportunity for the participants to talk to one another about a specific area […]