The Role of Play on Holistic Development of Children in Pre-schools in Athi River Zone of Kenya


The main purpose of the research was to find out the role of play on holistic development of  children in  pre-schools in Athi River Zone of Kenya. The study sought to find out: the role of play in children’s development among the pre-schools in Athi River Zone, factors affecting play among pre-school children in the  zone and the importance of play among children.  Purposive sampling and simple random sampling techniques were used in the study. Random sampling was used to sample the children and the parents in the study while purposive sampling method was used to sample the teachers. The instruments that were used in data collection included questionnaire, interview schedule and observation schedule. Questionnaires were used to collect data from teachers; the interview schedule was used with mothers and observation schedules with children. Data were analyzed and presented in frequencies and percentages in tables and graphs. The study found that the key roles of play in children development in pre-school were to foster children’s mental, physical, emotional and social development and helping in the development of fantasies, thoughts and creativity. The study further revealed that the main factors affecting play among pre-school children were lack of play materials, teacher-child relationship issues. Play was found to be important among pre-school children since it provided the foundation for learning including thinking and reasoning skills and unlocked children’s creativity and imagination as well as developing their personalities, self-esteem, values and ethics. The study recommended that pre-school teachers should watch over children during play time to see to it that they do not mishandle the play equipment, bearing in mind that they are very essential to their holistic growth; parents should encourage children to exploit their creativity and discover their practical potentials through play; the community should allocate enough play space for children to express their competence in various play activities; the government through its respective authorities should hold awareness programmes on the importance of play to the holistic growth of children in pre-schools.

Abstract Info:

Author: Chepkirui Regina

Course / Degree: Diploma

Institution:Masaku E.C.D.E Teachers TrainingCollege (MECETT)

Journal: Journal of Research Abstracts – JRA

Year: 2008



Chepkirui, R. (2008). The Role of Play on Holistic Development of Pre-School Children in Athi River Zone, Kenya. Journal of Research Abstracts – JRA, Volume 2, 2008.


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