About Us


Kenya Projects Organization [KENPRO] is a membership organization established and registered in Kenya in the year 2009 by a group of university students. The idea of establishing the organization was informed by the existing individual and organizational capacity gaps in the fields of Project Management, Information Technologies, Research and Publishing. The objectives of the organization are to: a) provide support services in Project Planning and Management; b) offer technical support in the fields of Information Technologies, Research and Publishing, and c) to build capacities of individuals and organizations through training in various fields of human and institutional development. In almost a decade, KENPRO has worked in partnership with various local and international organizations including but not limited to LRF (Legal Resource Foundation), Lutheran World Federation (LWF), RET International, Africa Development and Emergency Organization (ADEO), Bankable Development International (BDI), Congo Handling Services (CHS), Schools Net Kenya (SNK), Writers Bureau Centre (WBC), Community Based Organizations in Kenya, and various Local and International Universities.

Mission Statement

To build capacities of individuals and organizations in the fields of Projects Management, Research, Publishing and Information Technologies, and to offer training in various fields of human and institutional development.

Organization Structure

Kenya Projects Organization (KENPRO) consists of a number of players who form a crucial part of its organization structure, which resembles an illustration of a human person.


As illustrated in the organization chart, at the top, is the Board of Directors which oversees all the activities of the organization. Directly under the board are the officials who are also part of the board. They include Project Manager (Chairman), Organization Secretary and Financial Administrator (Treasurer). Administrative Assistant is in charge of all administrative functions of the organization and directly accountable to the Projects Director. Project Coordinator is directly under the Projects Director and coordinates all the projects including Development Projects, Information Technology, Research and Publishing Projects. Under each of the projects, there is a training component.

Organization Activities
The activities of the organization fall under five (5) project areas namely Development Projects Unit, IT unit, Research Unit, Publishing Unit and Training unit.

Development Projects Management Unit
Under Projects Unit, KENPRO carries out the following project planning and management activities:
1.    Writing Funding Proposals,
2.    Developing Business Plans,
3.    Developing Strategic Plans and
4.    Conducting Projects Evaluation [M&E].

IT Unit
Under Information Technology Unit, KENPRO carries out the following activities:
1.    Developing applications (eg. Data management systems),
2.    Web designing using content management applications such as WordPress,
3.    Graphic designing,
4.    Video and Audio Editing and
5.    Statistical and Spread Sheet applications such as SPSS, R among others.

Research Projects Unit
Under Research Unit, KENPRO carries out the following activities:
1.    Problem Identification,
2.    Generating background information,
3.    Conducting Literature Reviews,
4.    Drawing research design and Methodology,
5.    Designing data collection tools,
6.    Conducting Data Collection,
7.    Data Coding and Analysis and
8.    Report Writing and Review.

Publishing Projects Unit

Under Publishing, KENPRO carries out the following activities:
1.    Preparing manuscripts for publishing either as monographs (Books)[3] or as Journal Articles[4],
2.    Reviewing submitted book and article manuscripts and
3.    Publishing research projects, theses and dissertations.

Training Unit
KENPRO, in collaboration with the Higher Institute of Applied Learning – HIAL offers training in the fields of Projects Planning and Management, Research and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Projects Planning and Management Training
KENPRO offers the following training in the area of project planning and management:
a)    Project Planning,
b)    Resource mobilization: funding proposals and Business Plans writing,
c)    Project Implementation and
d)    Monitoring and Evaluation [M&E].

Research Training
KENPRO offers training and mentorship in the following areas of research:
a)    Problem Identification,
b)    Literature Review,
c)    Research Designs and Methodology,
d)    Designing of data collection tools,
e)    Data Coding and Analysis using various statistical applications,
f)    Report and Article Writing,
g)    Referencing styles using APA, MLA, Harvard system, Turabian, Chicago and
h)    Publishing guidelines

Information Technology Training
KENPRO offers training in various IT fields including but not limited to the following:
a)    Web designing using content management applications such as WordPress,
b)    Programming and scripting languages such as PHP, HTML and Java Script,
c)    Graphic designing using CorelDraw, Illustrator, In Design, Photoshop among others,
d)    Statistical and Spread Sheet applications such as SPSS among others.

Major Clients

Since 2007, KENPRO has continued to enjoy a wide range of clientele, at
individual and organizational level. The following constitutes the key clientele

  • Bankable Development International
  • Africa Nazarene University (ANU),
  • Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA),
  • Community Based Organizations and Self Help Groups in Kajiado,
  • Congo Handling Services
  • Egerton University,
  • ECDE Colleges (Mwanamwende, Limuru, Shilida, Baraka, Narok, Tibian),
  • Handicap International (HI),
  • Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT),
  • Kenya Institute of Management (KIM),
  • Kenyatta University (KU),
  • Legal Resource Foundation (LRF),
  • Lutheran World Federation (LWF),
  • London Metropolitan University,
  • Methodist University,
  • Moi University,
  • Mt. Kenya University (MKU),
  • Nelson Mandela University,
  • Open University of Tanzania (OUT),
  • Public and Private Primary Schools in Kenya,
  • Refugee Education Trust (RET),
  • United States International University (USIU),
  • University of Nairobi,
  • University of South Africa (UNISA).

KENPRO continues to support clients from various countries, mainly in English
speaking countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. The organization also serves UK market segment. This is facilitated by online services, which are available 24/7 with the sustained support from the Organization’s Associates.

Contact Information

Kenya Projects Organization [KENPRO], Macjo Arcade Off Magadi Rd.,Ongata Rongai |
P.O Box, 8076-00200, Nairobi – Kenya | Mob: 0725 788 400 | Tel. +254 20 2319748 |
Emails: info@kenpro.org | infokenpro@gmail.com | Website: www.kenpro.org