Sustainability of Community Based Projects

Author: Anthony M. Wanjohi
Publisher: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Year: 2010


Attainment of any form of sustainability is not an endeavor of a single day, but a life long process. This study sought to examine the major issues facing the sustainability of Community Based Projects in developing countries with reference to Kenya. The study employed survey research design. The sample was selected from four main Community-Based-Projects, which appeared to be unstable. The sample consisted of thirty six Project Steering Committee members and fifty six community project members. Data were analyzed descriptively with the help of SPSS. The study revealed that the major issues facing these projects are related to project management processes, local and team leadership and financing issues. This study recommends an adoption of more radical approaches in handling the theme of sustainability of Community Based Projects: new project sustainability models built on intrinsic sense of duty attained through individual and organizational based processes. This study is therefore, expected to arouse new interest among scholars, development practitioners and students of research about re-mapping the traditionally established paths towards project sustainability.


Citation (APA).

Wanjohi, A. M. (2010). Sustainability of Community Based Projects in Developing Countries: A Study of Sustainability Issues facing Community Based Projects in Rural Areas of Mbeere District in Kenya. Saarbrücken,Germany:  LAP Lambert Academic Publishing.


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