Outliers in regression model

Ourliers in a regression model are influential points that greatly affect the slope of a regression line. Outliers in the response variable represent model failure.

Sample Size Factors

"Accuracy, precision and cost are key factors when choosing a sample size"


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The ever increasing need for a representative statistical sample in empirical research has created the demand for an effective method of determining sample size.  To address the existing gap, Krejcie & Morgan (1970) came up with a table for determining sample size for a given population for easy reference.


Table 1: Table for Determining Sample Size for a Finite Population   krejcie and morgan table of determining sample size

The Table is constructed using the following formula for determining sample size: krejcie-and-morgan-formula-for-determining-sample-size-


There is no need of using the formula since the table of determining sample size has all the provisions you require to arrive at your sample size.

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Krejcie, R.V., & Morgan, D.W., (1970). Determining Sample Size for Research Activities. Educational and Psychological Measurement.

Small-Sample Techniques (1960). The NEA Research Bulletin, Vol. 38.


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