Project Management

We at KENPRO build capacity of organizations in planning and management of projects. We work in partnership with Non-Governmental Organizations, Community Based Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, Self-help groups, youth groups, women groups and individuals.

Project Planning Activities

We offer consultancy services and training on project planning and implementation to the members of Non-Governmental Organizations, Community Based Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, Self-help groups, youth groups, women groups among others.

In project planning and implementation, KENPRO makes use of Logical Framework Approach as a planning, implementation and monitoring tool.  Logical Framework describes in an operational way in matrix form the most important aspects of an operation, provides a way of checking whether the operation has been well designed and facilitates improved monitoring and evaluation.

Resource Mobilization Activities

We also offer resource mobilization support which includes Fund Raising and Proposal Writing components.

Fund Raising

Fund raising is a process of mobilizing financial resources required to achieve organizational goals and objectives The common sources of funds include: Governments, Endowments, Donors, Foundations and NGOs, Volunteers, Investments, Corporate sectors, Community contributions and inheritances. There are various methods used in fund raising.  These include Proposal writing, Special events, Endowments, Partnerships, Twinning arrangements, Volunteers, Subscriptions and pledges and Letters. A good fundraiser should be: Knowledgeable about fund raising resources, A good communicator, A person with good interpersonal skills, A person with sound analytical skills and should be persuasive.

Proposal Writing

The following constitute an outline of a general proposal format. There are however particular proposal formats which depend upon individual donor requirements. We at KENPRO adhere to general and particular funding proposal requirements which include but may not be limited to  Contact Details, Background, Project Description, Aims and Objectives, Project Outputs, Project Activities, Project Implementation Plan,  Monitoring and Evaluation, Sustainability and Budget.

Project Evaluation Activities

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of development activities provides government officials, development managers, and civil societies with better means for learning from past experience, improving service delivery, planning and allocating resources, and demonstrating results as part of accountability to key stakeholders.

KENPRO uses a number of project evaluation approaches including impact evaluation approach, logical framework approach and rapid appraisal approach.

We train on designing data collection instruments including questionnaire and interview guides. We expose the participants to data coding and analysis using statistical application such as SPSS.