The African Research Journal of Education and Social Sciences [ISSN: 2312-0134] is an online peer reviewed scholarly journal produced by Kenya Projects Organization. The principal objective of the journal is to publish research articles in the fields of Education and Social Sciences. The journal is dedicated to scientific work geared towards theory development, policy formulation and action plan in Education and Social spheres in Africa’s context.

Article submission: African Research Journal of Education and Social Sciences is currently accepting manuscripts for publication consideration. The Journal’s peer-review is very fast, highly rigorous and it takes only seven (7) days and authors are carried along adequately in all the publication processes. Submission must be well researched, informed and demonstrate familiarity with the relevant literature and key concept informing the study. Further, the article(s) submitted for publication consideration should not have been published previously in another journal, magazine nor on any publicly available media like a website.

Format: Article submitted for publication consideration should be outlined as follows: Abstract (100-200 words + keyword), Introduction, methodology, Results, Discussion and Conclusions. The article should be  between 2,500-3,500 words in length, should be in English, Microsoft Word, Times Roman, Size 12, Single spacing and should conform to the stylistic conventions of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Submission: Submit your paper to

For more information about the Journal and Author Guidelines, kindly visit the official website at African Research Journal of Education and Social Sciences Or contact office via: Tel +254202319748