Financial Resource Mobilization Memorandum of Understanding

By Anthony M. Wanjohi:

Resource mobilization concerns the process of gathering both financial and non-financial resources required to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Financial resources include money while non-financial resources include physical materials, human resources including their experience and time they provide.

We at KENPRO provide financial resource mobilization support to organizations through donor mapping and proposal writing strategies. The following constitute the key points contained in KENPRO’s financial resource mobilization memorandum of understanding with other organizations.

Terms of Reference

The contract with our clients entailsĀ  the following functions:

  1. Writing of funding proposal(s)
  2. Resource mobilization which shall include donor mapping and submission of funding proposal(s) to the donor(s)

Duration of Contract

This contract with our client expires upon satisfactory completion of the function(s) unless sooner termination under the terms of the contract.


  1. KENPRO receives a sum of [negotiable Amount] for every proposal written and submitted to the possible donor,
  2. KENPRO receives [percentage] of the total amount raised on condition that the submitted proposal attracts funding.

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