Data Coding and Analysis Support Services

KENPRO Research Team do support University and College Students of Research, NGOs and practitioners in data coding and analysis. Data from questionnaire are coded with the help of computer applications such as Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), Excel, Epi Info, CS Pro, Gen Stat among others as need may be.

KENPRO Research Team provides support services in both Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis. After receiving data from the field, the Team does data screening for accuracy so as to ensure no major errors. In screening, KENPRO Research Team seeks to establish whether: the data is legible, the major items have been answered, the responses are complete before embarking on analysis.

Qualitative Data Analysis: The KENPRO Research Team provides support services in analyzing qualitative data collected using interview guide. If the data are recorded, transcription is done in order to convert the data into the written form for closer investigation. After transcribing the recorded data, KENPRO Research Team reads through to remove ambiguity and repeated items (to make sense), organizes into themes and patterns following the major research questions or objectives.

Quantitative Data Analysis: KENPRO Research Team also provides support in Quantitative Data Analysis. This involves both descriptive and inferential analysis (where applicable). Descriptive analysis such as frequencies and percentages, means and standard deviation are used to present quantitative data in form of tables and graphs. This is done in order to describe what the data shows. Inferential Analysis on the other hand is used to test the hypothesis. This involves t-tests and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) among other inferential analysis such as regression and factorial analysis.

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