Support Team

passport-size-photo-tony-2018Anthony M. Wanjohi [MSc., DPM., PGDE]

Anthony is the Founder and Director of Projects & Research at Kenya Projects Organization (KENPRO). He holds postgraduate qualifications in Project Planning and Management, Education and Research. He is a Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL) specialist. As the Director of Projects and Research at KENPRO, Anthony has directed and coordinated various research projects, trained, mentored and supervised students of research and project management at individual and institutional levels. He has also written and published widely in the field of education.

In the last one decade, Anthony has consulted for various local and international organizations and governments including but not limited to Legal Resource Foundation (LRF), Lutheran World Federation (LWF), Refugee Education Trust (RET), Handicap International (HI), Africa Development and Emergency Organization (ADEO), Bankable Development International, Community Based Organizations in Kenya, and various Local and International Universities.


Cosmas Tenai

Cosmas is ICT Associate at Kenya Projects Organization. He is in charge of all ICT related projects including Stand Alone and Web Based Systems. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Technology from the Multimedia University of Kenya. In the last 2 years, Cosmas has been involved in developing various systems including Information Management Systems (IMS), Leave Application Systems, Real Estate Management Systems, Persons with Disabilities Data Management System (PDMS) and Community Rehabilitation Data Management System (CRDMS)

newton-photo-2016Newton Lugogo

Newton is a Research Assistant and a Coordinator of Data Collection Team at KENPRO. He also liaises with colleges and universities on journal article publications. Newton is well versed in data coding and analysis and in data collection protocols. He holds postgraduate certificate in in Data Coding and Analysis from the Higher Institute of Applied Learning.  He lectures on part time basis in the field of religious studies


george-photo-2014George G. Chiira

Chiira, George is a Research Associate at KENPRO with vested passionate interests into green sustainability concepts. In his Bachelor of liberal arts in leadership and management, Chiira earned a student excellence award in research from De-Paul University Chicago and furthered this in MBA (Global business and sustainability) with a focus on social entrepreneurship using Going Green and Sustainability concepts. This background gives him impetus to be among the league of visionary researchers and project manager.