Who We Are

Kenya Projects Organization [KENPRO] is a membership organization registered in Kenya in 2009 under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development. The idea of establishing the organization was informed by the existing human and institutional capacity gaps in the fields of Project Management, Information Technologies, Research and Publishing. The objectives of the organization are to: a) provide support services in Project Planning and Management; b) offer technical support in the fields of Information Technologies, Research and Publishing, and c) to build capacities of individuals and organizations through training in various fields of human and institutional development. In almost a decade, KENPRO has worked in partnership with various local and international organizations including but not limited to LRF (Legal Resource Foundation), Lutheran World Federation (LWF), RET International, Africa Development and Emergency Organization (ADEO), Bankable Development International (BDI), Congo Handling Services (CHS), Schools Net Kenya (SNK), Writers Bureau Centre (WBC), Community Based Organizations in Kenya, and various Local and International Universities.


To build capacities of individuals and organizations in the fields of Projects Management, IT, Research and Publishing, and to offer training in various fields of human and institutional development.


  1. Time-consciousness
  2. Integrity
  3. Professionalism
  4. Self-giving


Projects Planning and Management

KENPRO offers projects planning and management solutions and further runs a number of development projects:

  1. Writing Funding Proposals, Developing Business Plans, Developing Strategic Plans, and Conducting Baseline Surveys and Projects Evaluation
  2. Besides offering ‘soft projects’ support, we at KENPRO also run a number of hard projects in various areas of development including but not limited to the following: Research projects, ICT projects, Publishing projects, Education projects, Water and sanitation projects and Youth and Women Empowerment Projects.

IT Projects

KENPRO offers solutions in the field of Information Technologies including Web designing using Content Management Applications (CMS) such as WordPress, programming languages such as PHP, Java Script, Python, Graphic designing, Video and Audio Editing.

Research Projects

KENPRO offers guidance and support in the following research areas including Problem Identification, Research Introduction, Literature Review, Design and Methodology, Instruments designing, Data Collection, Data Coding and Analysis, Report Writing and Review. Read More…

Publishing Projects

KENPRO publishes Books and the most outstanding academic research projects. These are published either as research articles in peer-reviewed and refereed journals or as books.  For more information:

Training Programs

KENPRO offers training through the Higher Institute of Applied Learning [HIAL] in each of the highlighted areas including Projects Planning and Management, Information Technologies, Research and Publishing.