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ISBN: 978-9966-069

After long hours of studies, research, typing and review after review, your research project has come to an end. What next? Some students of research undertake research project as a mere college or university requirement; they have no idea that the findings need to be shared with others.

Kenya Projects Organization gives scholars, faculty members, practitioners and students of research an opportunity to publish their research projects either as a research article(s) or as a monograph (book).

The basic outline of publishing a research article in peer reviewed journals includes introduction, methodology, results, discussion and conclusions. Visit African Research Journal of Education and Social Sciences (ARJESS) or Writers Bureau Centre for more details.

Publishing a research project as a monograph (book) on the other hand, has its guidelines too. Click here to read author guidelines.

Published research articles and projects are disseminated to various online book stores including but not limited to Amazon. The entire Internet community can access your work via search engines such as Google and Yahoo among other major search engines. This will enable other students and researchers to read your work and utilize your information for their studies.

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