ICT Solutions

Information Communication Technology (ICT) remains the lifeblood of forward-thinking organizations (Snyder, 2009). The application of ICT concepts has become a subject of fundamental importance to organizations and indeed a prerequisite for local and global competitiveness. Well aware of this fact, KENPRO is deeply engaged in building upcoming organizations “ICT wise”. This involves undertaking the following activities:

Web Designing
We are engaged in building websites for individuals and organizations. We design both static and dynamic websites while adhering to clients’ unique needs. A dynamic website uses a database to generate data or information, depending on the user’s request. Typically, these kinds of pages need more time to design and develop, but they are beneficial for website visitors. Static website on the other hand generally provides information and does not interact with the host server as such.

Graphic Designing
This is geared towards building corporate identity of the organization in question or even an individual. Graphic designing embraces the following:
a) Designing logos, b) Letter heads, c) Brochures, d) Prospectus, e) Magazines, f) Banners, g) Receipts, h) posters, i) Cards etc.

System Development

We are involved in developing ICT systems to help organizations to in planning and management. Such systems include but not limited to Academic Management systems, Library Management Systems, E-commerce systems among others.


KENPRO partners with the Higher Institute of Applied (HIAL) Learning to offer training in various ICT related fields. The main courses offer include the following:

a) Computer Applications

This Course provides a fundamental understanding of computer applications with focus on the Microsoft Office Applications including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access and Internet and Email). This is a complete lab based course where students will learn these applications by working on class assignments in the lab. The course topics include Basics and Fundamentals of computer applications. Read more…

b) Data Coding and Analysis

The main purpose of the Data Coding and Analysis (DCA) course is to introduce learners to both quantitative and qualitative approaches of conducting research. The course is expected to equip learners with knowledge and practical skills in problem analysis, research design, methodology, data coding, data analysis, presentation and report writing. Read more…

c) Web Design

The Web Design certificate course is a comprehensive professional program which carries within it key components including basic scripting languages,  Content Management Systems, Object Oriented Language, Database and Graphic Design. The course makes use of the contemporary development platforms such as Dreamweaver, PHP/MySQL, WordPress among others. Read more…

IT Projects

  1. Persons with Disabilities Data Management System (PDMS)
  2. Community Rehabilitation Data Management System (CRDMS)